Rollout Management

The rollout of new processes is a highly complex endeavor which has many factors to consider. The complexity of a rollout project augments with the number of locations or even countries – cost increases, delays and quality problems can be the result. A functioning concept, a realistic planning of the timeline and costs as well as the communication with all project participants are the biggest challenges.

HPP’s extensive experience with rollout projects allows expert advice and support for our customers throughout the rollout process. tHE piloting is the basis for a comprehensive rollout. Project and implementation controlling enable a steady improvement of the rollout processes and provide quality assurance and increased efficiency. A customer-friendly communication plan ensures compliance with the entire project for high transparency and insight into the development and implementation process. Finally, the customer is optimally prepared for the independent operationalization of the project by means of training platforms and documents.

Piloting & Planning

represent the basis for a comprehensive rollout.

Project Controlling

provides quality assurance and increased efficiency in the context of improvement management.


creates high transparency and a comprehensive exchange of information.

Service portfolio

  • (International) project rollouts
  • Concept and process adjustments in the context of rollouts
  • Market launch preparation of products, services and processes
  • Pilot execution and implementation (strategic and operative)
  • On-site support of project stakeholders
  • Preparation of departments for autonomous operationalization of projects
  • Implementation support across all work streams and business components
  • Continuous success and implementation reporting
  • Training / Coaching and provision of relevant documents


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