The pricing of a product or service is one of the key levers for a company to increase profitability. While manufacturers and service providers focus on profit, prices must be transparent and comprehensible from the customer’s point of view. Any price increases should therefore always be integrated into the overall communication and the advantages for the customer are to be put into focus.

HPP develops solutions to exploit the potentials and pays attention to the consistency of the pricing with the corporate strategy. In doing so, we offer extensive expertise ranging from pricing for the re-launch of products or services, through the implementation and accompanying communication of price adjustments, to price simulations and their impact on sales.

Service portfolio

  • Pricing potential
  • Price concepts
  • Pricing strategies
  • Pricing models
  • Complex price adjustment logics
  • Customer communication and price marketing
  • Formation of fixed prices and package prices
  • Business case simulations
  • Pricing tools


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