Nothing makes a bigger difference than digitization. Digital transformation is disruptively changing all areas of life. New information and communication techniques redefine processes and products but also services. Thus, e.g. first steps towards autonomous driving or Smart Living are not only changing the behavior and demands of customers but also the competition. In this environment, it is important to sustain one’s position as customer-oriented and competitive and to individually take advantage of the challenges as well as the opportunities of digitization.

Tailor-made for each client, market offers have to be adapted to the customer, internal structures and processes must be efficiently designed, the various systems and functions in the company must be interconnected, and new technologies must be interactively integrated into the various processes. HPP accompanies customers along entire value chains and across all project phases in order to achieve the set goal in the best possible way. Our expertise is reflected in numerous successful projects focusing on digital transformation and forward thinking.


Big Data

Use the amount of available data to gain new insights into the marketplace and your customers for driving innovation forward.


Internet of Things

Intelligent and interconnected systems are the basis for new business models and processes.

Service portfolio

  • Digitization strategies
  • Digital Customer Lifecycle
  • Digital Customer Journey
  • New digital business areas (e.g. multi-channel approaches)
  • Brand positioning in the context of digitization (digital brand)
  • Digital business process optimization
  • Digital (retail) formats and touchpoints
  • Digital training concepts

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TV full digitization

We piloted the TV full digitization of a cable network provider and then rolled it out.

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Market support of vehicle connectivity solutions

In the course of the piloting and the rollout of a vehicle connectivity solution, we supervised the affected markets for a premium automotive manufacturer and carried out the corresponding support concept.

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Umbrella brand for digital services

For a German automotive manufacturer, we have developed a new umbrella brand for the marketing of digital services and derived the brand identity.

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Piloting digital connectivity services

For an automotive manufacturer, we have connected new digital connectivity services for vehicles in several pilot cities and developed a standardized rollout concept.

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Introduction of an integrated IT After-Sales platform

We implemented the project management for the introduction of an integrated IT after-sales platform at two pilot dealers in China.

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Market launch of a product innovation

We supported the introduction of a product innovation in the area of home entertainment through transnational, multi-year project management.

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