Innovation – a topic which not only pricks up consumers’ ears but also those of companies of all sizes. In addition to start-ups, large companies now recognize the importance of innovation as a key element for long-term corporate success. The investments in the search for innovative products, processes and services are correspondingly high. The global players of the digital age, who owe their rapid rise and unparalleled success essentially to the implementation of innovative products and processes, serve as an example par excellence.

But the risk that the success of innovation remains an illusion is high. Estimates suggest that 60 to 80% of all innovations fail. The reasons for this are manifold, ranging from the misinterpretation of customer needs to the wrong timing of a product’s launch.

In order to prevent such a failure, our employees not only have comprehensive technical and methodical skills but also extensive knowledge in the field of innovation management. This enables us to support the innovation process from the beginning of concept development to rollout. In doing so, we develop tailor-made solutions both with regard to individual customer requirements and taking into account the prevailing economic and social environmental influences. This ensures that companies can tap into their full innovation potential and thus maximize the likelihood of success of their innovation process.



is not limited to geniuses, artists and explorers. It can be awakened and learned. And it should to drive innovation forward.



Achieving a goal is good. Minimizing detours to reach the goal is even better.

Service portfolio

  • Innovative product / service strategies and concepts
  • Innovative processes
  • Market launch of innovative products and services
  • Integration of innovations into business processes
  • Innovative and unusual implementation and application possibilities of (retail) formats and touchpoints
  • Innovative business areas with market potential

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Piloting digital connectivity services

For an automotive manufacturer, we have connected new digital connectivity services for vehicles in several pilot cities and developed a standardized rollout concept.

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Market launch of a product innovation

We supported the introduction of a product innovation in the area of home entertainment through transnational, multi-year project management.

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Market launch of e-bikes

For the market launch of e-bikes, we have developed a product and service strategy as well as a marketing and sales concept.

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Strategic realignment of an industry leading event

We have strategically and conceptually realigned a leading European industry leading event for the organizing German trade association.

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Umbrella brand for digital services

For a German automotive manufacturer, we have developed a new umbrella brand for the marketing of digital services and derived the brand identity.

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After-sales retail format strategy

For an automotive manufacturer, we have developed and developed an after-sales retail format strategy for the Europe region.

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