Increasing model and variant diversity, environmental regulations as well as cost pressure and a general uncertainty about the future of the industry present challenges for the automobile supply industry. In order to react flexibly to changing market conditions or disruptive trends such as new mobility concepts or autonomous driving, intensive observation of the market, rapid decision-making and optimization of the value chain are required.

We have already successfully completed numerous projects in the automobile supply industry. In doing so, we were particularly active in the areas of strategy development, optimization of business processes, innovations and business case simulations for our clients. Innovation management, the take-over of module responsibility, the search for new business fields and strategic partnerships are among the most important strategic tasks.

From analysis to strategy and concept development to implementation, we accompany our customers throughout all project phases. For example, we have a strong set of tools for market, customer, competitive and internal strengths-weaknesses analyses. The same applies to the strategy and concept phases, for which we can rely on proven approaches for the development and evaluation of strategic scenarios and business models. By implementing a large part of our projects in practice, we are also familiar with the challenges and requirements of the automobile supply industry and know what can be put into practice.

Our expertise is reflected by more than 1,000 successfully completed projects in the automotive competence field. On our site we provide an overview of this.


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Roland Pietsch | CEO and founder

+49 (0) 69 66 88 502


"With our many years of experience in the industry, we support automobile suppliers in adapting their business models to the changing market conditions. We design a transformation strategy tailored to your individual needs, with which you can secure your company's long-term success."


Roland Pietsch | CEO and founder


Service portfolio

  • Market, customer, competitive and internal strengths-weaknesses analyses
  • Trends / future scenarios
  • (New) Business Development
  • Business plans / simulations
  • Development and set-up of new markets
  • Business mergers / acquisitions
  • Market, competition and growth strategies
  • Competence and technology strategies
  • Brand positioning / management
  • Marketing Mix (4P, 7P)
  • Pricing strategies / concepts, pricing models and pricing tools
  • Process development and optimization
  • Lean Management
  • Innovation management
  • Make-or-buy evaluations