Energy and Smart Services

The development of digital technologies is progressing at full speed. The energy industry in particular is undergoing a transformation in times of digitization. Energy suppliers are facing new challenges in terms of the type and location of energy supply.

As a result, new, innovative usage scenarios emerge on the side of end consumers. Supported by Smart Services, the customer autonomously regulates household energy consumption via smart devices and applications. Against this backdrop, the role of energy suppliers is increasingly transforming into a role of energy service providers: everywhere, consumers and devices are producing digital data which can be collected and automatically analyzed as Smart Data. On the basis of the gained insights, energy suppliers can offer their customers individual and tailor-made energy solutions.

We help our customers in the energy industry to stay ahead with innovations in the age of Smart Services and thus stay one step ahead of the competition. We support you in continuously adapting the strategy as well as business processes and to be prepared for the most diverse scenarios by means of business case simulations. And also in search of new business fields and strategic partnerships for the future, our customers can rely on us.

Your contact person:

Roland Pietsch | CEO and founder

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„Fast innovation cycles and competitors from outside the industry are the reason for a volatile market environment. Under these conditions, our customers benefit in particular from the proven methods and innovative ideas of our consultants.“


Roland Pietsch | CEO and founder


Service portfolio

  • Market research
  • Market, customer and competition analyses
  • Trends / future scenarios
  • (New) business development
  • Business plans / simulations
  • Development and set-up of new markets
  • Business mergers / acquisitions
  • Post-merger management
  • Market, competition and growth strategies
  • Pricing strategies / concepts, pricing models and pricing tools
  • Innovation management
  • Go-live support