Agile Management

Projects cannot always be planned from scratch – especially in areas such as marketing, strategy or product development, demands and challenges often only become apparent in the course of the project. As conditions change, the project team must be able to quickly and flexibly adjust. But in classical corporate structures, the necessary adaptability is usually lacking.

Agile management is not a problem when conditions change. The long-term plan is initially roughly outlined so that changing conditions in the detailed planning for the following period can be taken into account in the short term. Agile management is all about autonomy for small, cross-departmental teams, to deliver solutions with high speed and productivity It is important for the agile project team to set their own timeline, to be able to independently prioritize their tasks and focus on the topic.

Agile management enables more efficient use of resources through better communication and organization. HPP has the know-how and do-how to initiate a change in thinking within the company and successfully implement agile management so that you too can benefit from the advantages of agile techniques.


Independent, interdisciplinary teams minimize coordination times and develop solutions faster.


Changed requirements and conditions are flexibly taken into account.

Service portfolio

  • Agile cooperation management with external service providers
  • Agile (cross-interface/-functional) project management
  • Interface function between internal and external SCRUM teams and management (including project reporting, stakeholder management and service provider control)
  • Product backlogs for implementation measures according to SCRUM
  • Agile introduction of products, services, processes and (IT) systems
  • Launch management for more efficient product launches
  • Project measures in the context of change management
  • Agile methods and tools

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