Package pricing at After-Sales

We have developed a practical guide for monitoring competition and finding appropriate package prices for the dealers of a German automotive manufacturer.

Initial situation and objectives

  • Decreasing customer loyalty with regard to maintenance and repair volumes in the service network in the contested segments II and III (4 years and older) mean increasing pressure on the service organization worldwide to act to stabilize and regain service market shares.
  • Against this background, the increase in Original Parts sales and Economy Parts sales via package prices with a clear signal effect for the customer both as part of the Original Service and as part of the Direct Express is a key success factor.
  • The objective is to anchor and intensify the competitive orientation at management and employee level within the service organization and to secure and regain service market share.


  • Development of a tool including a process description to determine the relevant customer segments, series and scope of services of the respective regions and companies that are eligible for competition monitoring.
  • Establishment of a control instrument for systematic, permanent competition monitoring in the national and local environment of the retail partners


  • Provision of a practical guide for importers, trade organisations and service partners which enables retail and service partners to gain a pragmatic and efficient overview of the product profile and pricing of the respective local competition in order to be able to react appropriately within the framework of local market development