Feasibility study and analysis of price readiness

We have analysed whether patenting and subsequent introduction of 22.5 ” brake writing were reasonable. In addition, effects on customer satisfaction were considered and recommendations for action derived.

Starting position and objective

  • Development of a new brake disc for trucks, which would be patentable
  • Background: The customer had already patented specific spare parts in the past: Accordingly, their experience with customer reactions and dealer satisfaction should also be examined
  • The project will examine whether and to what extent patenting and the corresponding introduction of spare parts to the exclusion of parts competition makes sense and what added value must be guaranteed in order to maintain customer satisfaction


  • Survey of defined OEM competitors by means of a questionnaire (partly on site, partly by telephone, partly over the Internet)
  • Questioning dealers in Germany about how such an introduction would affect their business and customer satisfaction
  • Controlling and substantive support of the conjoint analysis for the evaluation of the customer’s willingness to pay, (the operational implementation was subject to another external partner)
  • Analysis of the results and derivation of recommendations for action incl. prioritization


  • Management summary with core results of the analysis, derivation of options for action and recommendation as well as detailed analysis of the entire analysis