Price adjustment for internet products

Price and product adaptation for Internet products at a German cable and telecommunications company.

Initial situation and objectives

  • In order to take account of the changed user behavior, the current product portfolio should be revised
  • The objective was a comprehensive price and product adaptation


  • The implementation of the price and product adaptation was divided into three phases
  • In the first phase, a potential determination and then a price calculation was carried out. As a basis for this, relevant customers were identified and the customer-specific data analysed, which came into question for the price and product adjustment. Subsequently, considering the competitive environment, a targeted price and product range were derived, and a coordinated customer communication was defined
  • In the second phase, the implementation was prepared. The customers were selected and informed about the upcoming price and product adaptation in accordance with the GTC. In addition, the necessary procedural preparations have been made (e.g., regarding customer service)
  • In the third phase, the price and product adjustments were implemented systemically


  • It was ensured that the price and product adaptation of the affected Internet products was implemented in a timely and appropriate manner. In addition, the set budget targets were achieved