Pricing for service contracts

We have developed a pricing strategy for service contracts for an automotive manufacturer and implemented them in a manageable pricing tool.

Initial situation and objectives

  • The pricing for service contracts car is organized locally in the local sales companies
  • There is no transparency about the underlying mechanisms for service contract pricing because competitive information, customer preferences and price propositions related to service contracts are not available
  • Project objective: Development of a central price logic / method considering customer needs, market / competition and cost structure


  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the service contract and price landscape, conducting the customer survey to determine price readiness according to van Westendorp and conjoint analysis in five European countries
  • Identification of the decisive influencing factors for the pricing of service contracts as well as subsequent documentation and preparation of the results of the environmental analysis
  • Development of a pricing strategy, pricing structure, pricing logic and method based on the analysis results
  • Implementation of the pricing concept in a manageable pricing tool as calculation support and EBIT simulation


  • Result documentation of the analysis components and the derived pricing method
  • Development and programming of a pricing tool for simulation for the national companies
  • Creation of an implementation manual for the effective use of the tool
  • Preparation of piloting by country-specific data filling of the tool