TV full digitization

We piloted the TV full digitization of a cable network provider and then rolled it out.

Initial situation and objectives

  • The cable network is considered a future-proof transmission technology for more and more digital content
  • Turning off the analogy TV signal creates more room and capacity for new products in the cable
  • Thus, a bandwidth optimization in the cable network can be realized to better adapt to customer needs


  • Development and implementation of the 360 ° communication concept for the Pilot City in order to ensure a channelled, coordinated communication in the direction of all stakeholders
  • Evaluation of the TV digitization of the pilot town and derivation or development of the digitization strategy for the rollout; a regionally based communication concept
  • Creation of a crisis concept for all possible situations
  • Throughout all project phases, the PMO acts as a central point of contact for internal and external questions in a hub and coordination function


  • A Targeted communication with all stakeholders was ensured
  • The footprint of the cable network operator is now completely digital. The analogy TV signal was successfully shut down without major problems