Umbrella brand for digital services

For a German automotive manufacturer, we have developed a new umbrella brand for the marketing of digital services and derived its brand identity.

Initial situation and objectives

  • Due to current and future mega trends, the need has been identified to become more innovative as a manufacturer of vans for B2B as a product and as a brand
  • In this context, the brand has already been developed, with innovation playing a key role, especially in terms of networking
  • The marketing of innovative digital services requires a new umbrella brand


  • Presentation of the relationship between internal development of innovative services and their marketing under the new umbrella brand
  • Analysis of current and planned offers and products under the umbrella brand
  • Clustering and description of the relevant subject areas under the umbrella brand, including usage criteria, defines how the respective converting markets should deal with the umbrella brand with immediate effect
  • Derivation of the brand identity of the umbrella brand from re-positioning (innovation at the core)


  • A mission statement that reflects both the brand architecture of the van manufacturer and, classifies and describes the new umbrella brand
  • Basis for the creation and further development of the product portfolio under the new umbrella brand