Market support of vehicle connectivity solutions

In the course of the piloting and the rollout of a vehicle connectivity solution, we supervised the affected markets for a premium car manufacturer and carried out the corresponding support concept.

Initial situation and objectivesg

  • The networking of vehicles should introduce various telematics services in 15 countries
  • Before the rollout of the vehicle connectivity solution, a pilot implementation of the relevant sales systems and processes as well as the creation of necessary conditions in the markets and operations was required
  • In order to ensure the support of the telematics services, processes and systems for end customers and employees in sales and after-sales, the conception and implementation of a support concept was necessary


  • Creation of a project plan and definition of milestones as well as establishment of regular communication
  • Prioritization of the markets and participation in the definition making of a pilot concept
  • Initial information of the markets and development of national implementation teams; then a kick-off workshop with market implementation teams and definition of the required tasks at market and retail level as well as coaching of the markets until the rollout
  • Participation in the definition of a rollout concept and creation of the necessary conditions
  • Inclusion, analysis and coordination of support requirements with all stakeholders


  • Preparation of project, pilot and rollout planning; general PMO activity for launch / rollout
  • Market consulting, coaching and pilot implementation in four countries (NL, B, LUX, F)
  • Creation of a coordinated, detailed support concept as well as coaching during the implementation