Strategic reorientation of the collection

For one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, we have accompanied the strategic realignment of the product portfolio.

Initial situation and objectives

  • Strong sales growth in the vehicle business offers great global growth potential in the collection business
  • Dynamic environment conditions (electromobility, digitization, urbanization and changed customer behaviour in the context of “modern luxury”) require a realignment of the product portfolio and the distribution channels or the marketing process
  • New, younger target groups require an innovative marketing mix for successful market development


  • 360 ° – analysis of the current situation (customer / target group, product program, trends, business model, sales incl. Control)
  • Review of the current positioning, development of the target positioning as well as the core objectives and identification of possible fields of action
  • Derivation of relevant fields of action and strategic directions
  • Definition and prioritization of measures to implement the new basic orientation with regard to market exploitation and reorientation of the marketing mix
  • Elaboration of a concrete implementation plan (measures, time and resource planning), a new business and control model as well as an estimation of the related development of earnings including a 5-year business case simulation via Excel tool (development of sales, costs and profit margin in 18 countries and 15 product groups)


  • Based on the strategic direction recommendations for action on the realignment of the product were derived
  • An implementation concept for the implementation of the profit-increasing and brand-supporting measures along the marketing mix
  • Comprehensive business case simulation to support measure prioritization and pricing