Professionalization of retail in Germany

Due to the professionalization of retails in Germany, we were able to intensify market development and secure our market position.

Initial situation and objectives

  • Relevant competition is becoming increasingly aggressive, gaining market share in the core segments.
  • The core segments are subject to a structural change, which have a higher demand on manufacturers and external retail organization
  • The objective is to regain lost market shares and secure the premium market positioning in the German market through a sustained and broad-based professionalization and strengthening retail operations


  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis of the German retail companies with regard to market exploitation, market development and management competence
  • Identification of action areas, creation of individual action plans and development programs with progress monitoring and on-site training
  • Development and implementation of market and vendor control tools and tools for HQ and retail management
  • Development and implementation support of segment-specific market initiatives and marketing measures (workshops, trainings at HQ and retail level)


  • Professionalization of retail level, vendor and retail management, with a view to intensifying market development and CRM management
  • Increasing market penetration and securing market positioning in the relevant market environment in Germany
  • Introduction of various market and sales control instruments
  • Regular and continuous reporting of market performance retailers