Process harmonization as part of business integration

As part of a company integration, we have analysed the processes of the customer processes, defined concrete change requirements and harmonized the processes of the companies to be integrated.

Initial situation and objectives

  • In preparation for company integration, clarity on the harmonization requirements of the processes, systems and approaches
  • It should ensure the smooth flow of customer processes even after the customer data migration has been completed


  • Implementation of the current recording and detailed process documentation
  • Development and coordination of a logic for mapping core processes and with the management
  • Derivation of dedicated responsibilities for the respective core processes
  • Conceptual development of KPIs for measuring process quality
  • Implementation of a process-oriented fit / gap analysis of the companies to be merged and derivation of procedural and systemic action requirements
  • Transfer of required process changes into concrete change requests


  • Harmonizing of company processes to be integrated
  • Identification of necessary IT adjustments in preparation for the migration of customer data