Sales optimization for a stainless-steel manufacturer

In order to exploit existing market potential, we have developed a sales strategy for a stainless-steel manufacturer and derived a plan of action for operative market development.

Initial situation and objectives

  • The business unit of a stainless-steel manufacturer uses its components business insufficiently to exploit the existing market potential
  • Therefore, the market exploitation must be significantly increased by the processing of new market segments within a period of 3 years


  • Structured market / customer analysis of current market segments and ABC analysis of current sales by region, market segments (technologies, applications), target groups and business types (components, sub-systems, system solutions)
  • Identification and analysis of sales potential of existing customers and order-loss analysis
  • Change of project focus on market exploitation of existing customers and prioritization of target groups and individual customers
  • Development of a sales strategy and derivation of a plan of action for the operative marketing


  • Clear prioritization of market segments, target groups and individual customers
  • Sales action plan for market development has been developed
  • Sales has intensified customer contacts with Prio-A customers