Piloting and rollout of a sales project

For an internationally operating automotive manufacturer, we have successfully accompanied an individual, modern sales project and were thus able to help the customer i.a. contribute to a sustainable increase in sales and market presence.

Starting position and objective

  • The brand of a global automotive manufacturer stands for a mobility concept, which is to be anchored more strongly in the metropolises worldwide and developed further
  • The active marketing of the brand is to be significantly accelerated and sustainably increased in selected major cities
  • For this purpose, 50 cities (including 10 “Pilot Cities”) will be identified on the basis of a comprehensive catalog of criteria that are distributed across all continents and almost all regions


  • In order to implement the “Top 50 City Program”, a basic concept will initially be developed, which primarily includes direct sales-effective measures
  • This basic concept is then regionally adapted to the individual cities, considering the respective prevailing specifics
  • Rollout des Konzepts bzw. Umsetzung der Pilotierung inkl. ständigem Steuerungs- und Kontrollprozess über alle Vertriebsstufen via entwickeltem Monitoring-Tool
  • Strategic planning of the further rollout up to 2020 incl. Volume and budget


  • Sustainable increase of sales, increase of market presence, manifestation of a brand culture as well as the development and extension of brand-specific customer advantages in the cities
  • Holistic professionalization of the business in the cities through conceptional and operative consideration of all business fields