Piloting a new parts process at retail

We analyzed the success contribution and feasibility of new processes and prepared solution packages in a practice-oriented manner in a piloting project.

Staring position and objective

  • As part of the pilot, the contribution to process optimization will be examined based on the new processes
  • In addition to quantitative results (KPIs), in-depth analysis of the processes in the pilot plants is intended to generate qualitative conclusions about the feasibility and feedback on the processes and their framework conditions


  • Preparation of piloting: Creation of pilot concept, timetable, measurement concept as well as acquisition of pilot plants, zero measurement (inventory of actual processes) and operational preparation
  • Piloting prioritized fields of action via Solution Packages
  • Introduction of processes and optimizations, measurement, pilot reporting
  • Process stabilization, measurement, pilot reporting, feedback processes and fields of action, ensuring sustainability through work instructions and project documentation during piloting


  • Validation of generic part process and feedback Findings from the piloting
  • The parts process was created and adapted frame work conditions and specifics of the pilot plants and further tracked by means of work instructions
  • Preparation of the content from the pilot in form of Solution Packages prepared in practice for the purpose of knowledge transfer