Rollout of a new premium brand design

For a premium car manufacturer, we are accompanying the worldwide rollout of the new brand design in brand and exterior marking.

Starting position and objective

  • The new brand design of a premium car manufacturer is to be implemented worldwide in all car dealerships in the brand and exterior labelling
  • The rollout will essentially be completed by the end of 2018, whereby the dealers will be supported by the manufacturer through an individually calculated funding amount
  • To ensure compliance with the budget, the quality of the elements and the rollout schedule, reporting requirements of the stakeholders should be met


  • Definition and creation of standardized reports on budget, rollout and quality
  • Conception, controlling the development and maintenance of a central project database as well as regular data preparation and analysis of the rollout and budget data of all car dealers worldwide for the project controlling
  • Calculation of the planned and the actual budget per market and division for the stakeholders as well as basis for accounting and controlling on market and HQ level
  • Development of a quality management concept for the systematic identification of quality problems


  • Stakeholders at HQ, divisional and wholesale levels are provided with systematic reporting with all relevant information on budget, rollout and quality status