Analysis sustainability of workshop processes

For a German car manufacturer, we analysed the sustainability of the workshop processes, which were rolled out more than ten years ago, and derived recommendations for management.
Starting position and objective

  • Since 2003, the ideal standard process for workshops of a premium car manufacturer has been developed, piloted and successively rolled out worldwide
  • The aim was to optimize workshop processes to increase workshop performance in terms of customer satisfaction, workshop quality, efficiency and employee satisfaction
  • More than ten years after the start of the rollout, there is still a lack of transparency about which processes and how sustainable they remain in the retail sector


  • Preparation of a status analysis incl. Selection of suitable target markets, preliminary analysis of the selected retail companies (analysis objectives) and development of the processes to be checked by means of analysis tools (interview guide, checklists, documentation tool)
  • Carrying out retail analysis at 15 retail operations in 7 European markets
  • Evaluation and preparation of the results including derivation of implications and recommendations for action, i.a. as decision template for responsible management


  • Processes and topics were analysed and defined, retail operations selected, analysis performed and implemented
  • Results of the analysis documented and analysed
  • Requirements for sustainability assurance of workshop processes identified and recommendations for management prepared for management decision