Harmonization of distribution structures

For a car manufacturer, we have developed market-specific implementation concepts for the harmonization of sales structures.

Initial situation and objectives

  • The Company Group has defined several Group-wide compliance guidelines. These so-called ‘Recommendations’ should be implemented in the respective specialist departments
  • The internal project management to be supported has the task of carrying out a harmonization of the sales structures across divisions and markets and, in a second step, the task of managing and managing the implementation of the cross-divisional Regional Center Business Models


  • Analysis and evaluation of existing distribution and market-specific distribution structures
  • Development of market-specific implementation concepts with the aim of harmonizing the structures across the Group. The starting point for this is the development of a fundamentally cross-divisional and cross-market business model in the sense of a blueprint. Subsequently, market-specific sales structure concepts must be designed considering the respective prevailing tax, legal and other binding framework conditions (if necessary, design of special solutions)
  • Detailing the future responsibilities and processes required to manage the Company Group and Group affiliated companies in the defined markets (including determination of capacity requirements)
  • Analysis and, if necessary, adaptation of contractual agreements with the respective companies to implement the measures in the markets
  • Erarbeitung eines Implementierungsfahrplans in den Märkten zur Einführung des entwickelten Regional Center Geschäftsmodells
  • Development of an implementation roadmap in the markets for the introduction of the developed Regional Center Business Model


  • Blueprint was created, the business processes in the new collaboration model were defined, and future responsibilities were specified
  • The new (Regional Center) Business Models have been implemented