Development of new business areas

For the world market leader in a subsegment of the premium steel market, we have identified new business areas and derived a marketing, marketing and sales strategy.

Initial situation and objectives

  • World market leader in a subsegment of the premium steel market
  • Most of the market revenue is generated in one market segment
  • Other business areas are less important for the business
  • Target: To set up a new business field outside the premium steel market


  • Identification of core competencies along the existing value chain
  • Identification and analysis of relevant markets with a connection to the core business (technologies / capabilities, markets / regions, value-added elements)
  • Assessment and prioritization of relevant market segments
  • Development of basic points of the market development strategy including make- or buy alternatives
  • Derivation of the corresponding marketing and sales strategy


  • Strategic framework is available
  • Target market are defined
  • Time and action plan for the execution is implemented