Establishment of a consistent portfolio management system

Following a merger of three cable network operators, we established a consistent process for evaluating and prioritizing projects in order to optimize project selection and implementation.

Initial situation and objectives

  • After the consolidation of three cable network operators, the establishment of a consistent governance for new projects is necessary.
  • New projects were started within the business units and not in the context of the entire company in terms of resources, capacities and dependencies.
  • High capacity utilization in all business segments due to line activities and a high number of projects led to postponements of milestones and implementations


  • Establishment of a company-wide consistent process for the evaluation and prioritization of projects in terms of strategic fit
  • Review and completion of submitted project proposals and preparation of an overview of all submitted projects


  • Documentation of the procedure for long-term implementation
  • Selection of projects geared to the strategic goals of the company
  • Query of detailed project details such as costs, turnover and profit before project launch