Definition of an IT development process

To improve customer satisfaction, we have developed and rolled out a customized IT development process.

Starting position and objective

  • In order to achieve long-term customer satisfaction, the unsatisfactory delivery quality of the IT department should be improved. For this, the time-to-market had to be shortened and serious qualitative problems in the IT implementation of products and processes had to be eliminated
  • The aim was to design and implement mass marketable products with the shortest possible time-to-market


  • First, a pain-point analysis of the existing processes within the IT was carried out in expert workshops with implementation and process managers in order to identify causes of the existing problems.
  • Following this, the project team defined optimization potentials and process optimization goals from the results. Emphasis was put on merging the objectives with best practices in IT service management to develop a business-focused, future-proofed IT development process.
  • The project team was made up of internal implementation executives and external industry experts. This made it possible to translate the theoretical approaches into optimized operational processes tailored to the needs and requirements of the company


  • A targeted, individually tailored to the customer IT development process was developed and rehearsed in a pilot phase selective
  • After a review of the results of the pilot phase and readjustment of individual process steps we successfully rolled it out company-wide