Strategic reorientation of market cultivation

We have realigned the market-processing strategy of municipal utility for customer retention and recovery.

Initial situation and objectives

  • Rising customer turnover and endangered value retention of the customer base in the private customer business of a regional utility
  • Increasing intensity of competition due to aggressive market development by non-resident competitors
  • Development of a concept for strategic realignment of market development necessary


  • Analysis of the competition and the customer groups and identification of previously untapped market potential as well as segmentation and prioritization of customer potential (regional / national)
  • Development of a strategy concept for the medium-term reorientation of market development with regard to positioning in the market
  • Development of strategic directions for implementing the target positioning and design of the marketing mix (service offerings, core competencies, unique selling points, brand identity, sales, network, price positioning, customer communication)
  • Derivation of a strategy and rollout plan for the implementation of the strategy for sustainable customer loyalty


  • Based on a competitive analysis and a customer segmentation, unexploited market and customer potential as well as endangered risk clusters with high intrinsic value were identified and a roadmap with recommended measures was drawn up
  • The securing of the portfolio was successfully ensured by means of capture strategies and customer loyalty and retention solutions