Agile design of a product launch

We have developed a project house concept for the agile design of a product launch and created a blueprint for agile follow-up projects.

Initial situation and objectives

  • Inefficiencies, redundant voting loops and information loss lead to the need to improve collaboration and communication in the product launch
  • During the market launch of a new product, launch management now must be made more agile now and in the future
  • By means of an interdisciplinary project house and with the help of agile methods and tools, the product launch should not only be successfully implemented, but should be improved more efficiently and qualitatively / technically


  • Inventory, requirements and expectation of all participants in order to identify all needs of actions and potential for optimization in the field of cooperation and communication
  • Development of a comprehensive, multi-dimensional concept (space, time, actors) for closer networking and communication
  • Pilot the concept, including ongoing change management
  • Set up and conduct regular communication activities for different stakeholder groups


  • Project house concept with its components is developed and piloted
  • Blueprint created with derived learnings and resulting premises for follow-up projects