Fixed prices Workshop visit

For an Austrian dealer group of an automobile manufacturer, we piloted fixed prices at the workshop visit in order to ensure cost transparency for the customers and to reduce their emigration to independent workshops.

Initial situation and objectives

  • As the age of the vehicle increases, holders of older vehicles migrate to workshop chains and independent garages. The main reason for this was a low-cost transparency for the customer during workshop visits
  • In order to increase the cost transparency for the customer and a quick and uncomplicated price information in the enterprise, building block specific fixed price clusters were defined
  • The aim of the piloting is to show to what extent the templates are suitable for a market and retail rollout, and how ideally further elements of the marketing mix (for example selection and content / layout of the advertising material) are to be designed


  • Development, coordination and adoption of a pilot approach (structured along the marketing mix elements “Product”, “Price”, “Promotion”, “Processes”) in cooperation with the market and retailer
  • Business plan creation as a reference for success measurement
  • Implementation of the pilot approach by market and retailer
  • Measuring success and preparation of lessons Learned and recommended actions for market and retail


  • Specific pilot approach for implementing fixed prices in pilot operation (qualitative perspective)
  • Specific business plan for pilot operation and prepared pilot results (quantitative perspective)
  • Market-specific recommendations for the nationwide rollout of fixed prices