Target image of the retail future

For a car manufacturer, we have developed a target image of future retails, derived their requirements for the sales organization and developed a corresponding change management program.

Starting position and objective

  • The distribution strategy of the future includes many new initiatives (such as online direct sales, innovative distribution formats, changes in the IT landscape) with profound implications for retail
  • The aim is to inspire the dealers for the new initiatives and to arouse the willingness to change, to create the conditions in the enterprise and to continuously build up the relevant knowledge in retail
  • Likewise, a holistic target image is to be formulated, as well as tasks and competencies derived in comparison with other initiatives


  • Development of a retail target image including a derivation of external mega-trends
  • Formulation of the brand promise as well as the derived requirements on the retail
  • Formulation of the necessary conditions in trade as well as the division of tasks between the different distribution levels
  • Development of a retail toolbox with essential content on initiatives, challenges and benefit arguments
  • Development of a cross-sales communication concept


  • A comprehensive documentation of the retail target image is created and handed over to markets and internal stakeholders
  • Comprehensive, but modular change management program is developed and implemented in both, centrally and in the markets