Sales increase at retail

We have developed a program of measures aimed at increasing the sales of accessories and collections at retail and prepared it for their implementation.

Starting position and objective

  • The accessory sales performance of the markets is heterogeneous at both wholesale and retail levels
  • Among other things, the megatrend of individualization reveals unexploited market potential in the accessories and collection sector
  • Development of measures for the professionalization of the accessories and collection business at all distribution levels


  • Implementation of a 360 ° analysis with consideration of competition, market environment, customers, processes, experts and current initiatives
  • Derivation of potentials and levers from gained knowledge
  • Creation of action catalogs based on the Marketing Mix for the sales levels retail and HQ
  • Verification of the acceptance of defined measures by qualitative dealer interviews
  • Content development of defined measures
  • Creation of a KPI cockpit to measure the success of the pilot phase at the retailer and overall pilot level


  • Pilot concept for the implementation of measures in retail
  • Checklist and KPI cockpit for piloting
  • Prioritized profiles for implementation of measures at HQ level