Realignment of spare parts business

We analysed the spare parts business of a German, internationally active automobile manufacturer, evaluated it against selected KPIs and realigned it.

Initial situation and objectives

  • The market for Classic vehicles and the corresponding spare parts business continues to grow
  • The aims of the classic car division of a German OEM are to supply classic and classic cars with original spare parts and to contribute to the brand image, e.g. through trade fair appearances, marketing and reference restorations.
  • There is a conflict of objectives between commercial turnover and profit targets and the tasks of image and external impact promotion.


  • Analysis of the status quo and benchmarking of competitors
  • Evaluation of alternative business models for the realignment of the spare parts business
  • Development of a business model online shop based on an extensive online survey of classic car owners
  • Identification of high potential markets for the internationalization of the spare parts business in a follow-up project


  • A current analysis of the status quo as well as a benchmarking of the competition is available.
  • Alternative business models for the realignment of the spare parts business have been developed and evaluated with a view to increasing sales, revenue and margins.