Realignment of a After-Sales strategy

We have strategically realigned the After-Sales strategy of a leading automotive manufacturer given the fact of increasing importance of new technologies.

Initial situation and objectives

  • New technologies will significantly affect the future of the automotive industry (e.g., digitization, connectivity, electromobility, smart mobility, etc.)
  • In order to ensure that the after-sales segment is competitive in the future too, strategic directions will be defined, and important topics prioritized with the help of a realignment of the after-sales strategy
  • The project organization will be restructured with the help of the new after-sales strategy in order to implement important projects quickly and efficiently


  • Implementation of an internal project analysis of the after-sales area as well as a market and trend analysis to identify future after-sales key drivers
  • Develop a new forward-looking vision and mission, and set measurable goals and strategic directions
  • Identification of other possible projects (white spots) and prioritization of strategic core issues
  • Restructuring the after-sales project organization
  • Development of an implementation / control and change management approach


  • After-sales strategy developed, and internal and external communication package is created
  • Project restructuring and prioritization of key issues
  • Recommendation for the (re-) organizational structure of the after-sales area worked out