Analysis of customer satisfaction after Mergers and Acquisitions

After a M&A transaction in the telecommunications industry, we conducted a customer satisfaction analysis and derived recommendations for action.

Initial situation and objectives

  • A cable network operator has completely taken over and integrated another nationwide cable network operator
  • Due to the strong focus of the company resources on the integration, the customer was sometimes overlooked
  • For a long-term corporate success as well as the achievement of the budget goals, it is essential to put the customer back in the spotlight and to bind him in the long term with the help of positive customer experiences. Recent customer satisfaction survey show need for action


  • Analysis of the moments of truth along the customer life cycle
  • Telephone customers Interviews on the individual Moments of Truth and evaluation of the internal system data me focus on cancellers, cancellers and customers with Care inquiries
  • Identification of recommendations for action and derivation of measures with subsequent prioritization as well as a cost and benefit assessment for implementation


  • Customer expectations are the focus
  • Measures to increase customer satisfaction and consumer growth to meet budget targets are available
  • Implementation and success control of the measures by Key Performance Indicators are prepared