Outsourcing and agile implementation of an IT tool

For an energy supplier, we identified outsourcing potential and accompanied the agile implementation of the IT tool of the selected outsourcing partner as a PMO.

Initial situation and objectives

  • The telecommunications offerings of the provider of telecommunications products and energy fulfil an important attractiveness function for the entire telecommunications and energy portfolio, this potential is currently not being exploited to the full
  • The objective is to check whether the contribution margin of mobile service offerings can be further improved by optimizing and making the value chain more efficient. An external partner is also considered


  • Evaluation Initial Situation of the Core Processes Mobile radio with regard to internal process inefficiencies and recommended action for process optimization
  • Selection of potential outsourcing partners as Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) for external mapping of core processes
  • Concept development for the integration of the new IT system of the outsourcing partner into the IT of the customer including business case and decision template
  • PMO for the agile introduction of the new IT systems: exercise of an interface function between internal and external SCRUM teams u. Management (including project reporting, stakeholder management and service provider management)


  • Parts of the value chain that offer outsourcing are identified
  • An outsourcing partner for the mobile radio processes was selected to increase the degree of automation through further digitization
  • An IT integration model including a business case for the cooperation with the service provider was developed and the recommended action taken by the management
  • The product backlog for implementation according to Scrum was developed and the first sprints were implemented as a PMO