Optimization of core processes

In the run-up to the merger of two network-bound media service providers, we optimized the core processes.

Initial situation and objectives

  • In the context of the merger of two companies in the media industry, the actual recording of the core processes along the customer journey/customer life cycle should take place.
  • The aim of the project was to create a concept (organization, tasks, competencies, responsibility, processes, interfaces, data basis and exchange) for the successful integration of both companies on the basis of a common core process map.


  • Analysis of the existing seven core processes: potential assessment, sales, provision, customer service, fault clearance, billing, termination/recovery incl. interfaces and supporting systems, analysis of existing tasks, competencies and responsibilities and further work structures.
  • Creation of a process map (development of target processes, definition of interfaces, description of system requirements, definition of lead times and service levels, definition of process KPIs)
  • Description of work and organisational structures and derivation of job descriptions (TARs)
  • Development of a roadmap for the medium-term implementation of the approved target structures and core processes


  • The merger of the two companies was successfully implemented by integrating and optimizing the core processes in all areas.