Competitor study Point-of-Sale standards

We have developed a comprehensive competitive study to capture point-of-sales standards in competitors’ truck networks.

Initial situation and objectives

  • Insights are to be gained as to how selected competitors ensure the sales and service quality at the point of sale in their truck networks (Focus Region Europe) – with regard to GMO / dealer standards, fulfilment criteria; network incentives and recommendations (voluntary / optional dealer standards)
  • The objective is to provide a competitive analysis as a basis for decisions on the design of future network parameters in order to ensure customer- and dealer-oriented standards in sales, service and parts business


  • Determination of the subjects of investigation and development of a questionnaire for the collection of data on site at the competitors by means of executive interviews in sales & service companies
  • Piloting the questionnaire and the story in the UK pilot market
  • Fine adjustment of the study design and the questionnaire based on lessons learned from the pilot market
  • Conducting interviews in four other markets (Poland, France, Italy, Spain)
  • Evaluation and preparation of the test results


  • Classification of merchant standards regarding people, place and processes
  • Comparison of programs to incentivize dealerships in sales and aftersales
  • Evaluation of dealer satisfaction regarding costs and benefits of standards