Flexibilization of fleets

As part of increasing fleet flexibility, we rederived the strategic orientation for a German automotive manufacturer.

Initial situation and objectives

  • Truck and van customers are increasingly trying to make their fleets more flexible and increase the proportion of rental vehicles in the fleet
  • This poses a challenge about the strategic orientation, in particular the concomitant adjustment needs in terms of market positioning, the product / service offering as well as the process organization


  • Identification and assessment of changes in the market environment through a market, customer and competitive analysis
  • Review of the current market development strategy of the customer with a strengths and weaknesses analysis, as well as derivation of strategic success factors
  • Conducting a strategic GAP analysis to identify and prioritize external and internal action areas
  • Development of a roadmap for implementation and quantification of impacts in the form of specific business case options


  • Positioning in the market and competitive environment as well as identification and prioritization of the core competences in the umbrella strategy
  • Package of measures incl. Preparation of roadmap in order to derive a strategic gap closure