Julia Gruber

My name is Julia Gruber, I am 33 years old and studied business administration with a focus on marketing in Passau. In June 2010, I joined HPP and I am currently working in the position of a Director. Since then I have experienced a lot. I would like to give you a brief insight:

My consulting work initially focused on strategic issues such, for example in the field of business expansion and repositioning of medium-sized companies. My area of responsibility ranged from market potential analyses and the development of a new brand and sales strategy to the derivation of specific implementation measures for the new strategy.

For more than 2 years my main focus has been the automotive industry, having been assigned to both sales and after-sales projects. Amongst others, topics were the development of a pricing concept for car service contracts, the concept development for cross-sector and cross-market harmonization of the sales structures and processes, and the strategic planning to implement a customer service measure.

In addition to classic project management activities such as the creation and controlling of project and milestone planning, it was for instance my task to carry out a close, continuous coordination with the departments After Sales Technology, Logistics, Development, Communication and Legal, and with the areas Sales, After-Sales, Network and Finance & Controlling, respectively. This provides one with valuable insights into the different divisions and the according (sometimes different) perspectives.

In my current project assignment, we are developing a strategy for a sales offensive for an international German car manufacturer. For this purpose, our team develops targeted, sales-effective measures to serve as orientation for the markets which subsequently adapt them to their market conditions and target groups.

A highlight of my previous consulting work was certainly the project support in Brazil. It’s great to be able to accompany a project in the market even after the concept has been developed throughout the implementation phase. The implementation focus during the conceptual work as well as in the post-concept phase is the elementary criterion of HPP’s consulting approach.

When I look back on the last few years, I also realize that I am living in hotels for about 200 days a year and inevitably have to deal without certain personal things. In contrast to that, I have a steep learning curve, valuable customer experience on site, responsible tasks and fantastic teamwork. For all of this I gladly accept the travel activities.

My desire to put theoretical marketing and strategy knowledge into practice to be internationally active and get to know different companies, industries and departments, has already been completely satisfied. My project assignments have been very entertaining, diversified and challenging. The pleasant, collegial work atmosphere also contributes to my feeling of comfort within HPP. Common events such as canoeing, skiing weekends, barbecues or vineyard walks strengthen the solidarity and make clear that successful work is also possible without any elbow-mentality.