Reorganization of sales

We created a blueprint with the aim of harmonizing the sales structures across divisions and markets and implemented it for two regional concepts.

Initial situation and objectives

  • As part of a Group-wide initiative, the sales structures are to be harmonized across divisions and markets.
  • The starting point is the development of a business model that is basically cross-divisional and cross-market in the sense of a blueprint, which is to be developed into market-specific implementation concepts.
  • The aim of the project is to ensure the transfer of all defined competencies from the four business functions (sales, after-sales, network development, F&C) to a new sales structure in terms of time and content.


  • Focus on four business functions: sales, after-sales, network development and F&C in 4 different business units
  • Definition of TARs, workflows, support activities for each business function
  • Detailed analysis of existing sales structures and capacity transfer needs for each function and business unit
  • Support during implementation (tax assessment, documentation, reporting), as well as preparation and implementation of sign-offs with the national subsidiaries concerned
  • Preparation of weekly reports for a top management committee


  • Blueprint was created and implemented for 2 regional concepts