Head of Integration Management Office

Following the consolidation of three cable network operators, we managed the Integration Management Office and were able to successfully implement the integration.

Initial situation and objectives

  • After consolidating three cable network operators, a strong Germany-wide cable network operator has emerged
  • As part of the previous post-acquisition integration process, company resources, customer portfolios, offerings and all relevant structures, systems and processes were identified, evaluated and prioritized with regard to their migration and integration potential, and a concrete migration and integration timetable was derived
  • The goal is to maximize the potential synergies created by the takeover, both on the cost and on the benefit side, and additionally to achieve short-term quick wins


  • Implementation support of the planned actions in the integration project across all workstreams and business components
  • In core team meetings the individual work packages are discussed based on status reports, further need for action identified and follow-up measures derived. Thus, the temporal project progress is guaranteed
  • Concentrated handling of special topics and short-term decision-making needs to ensure program progress
  • Preparation and follow-up of the works council negotiations regarding the personnel measures


  • Successful implementation of the integration of the three companies in several locations
  • Significant reduction in costs and creation of a uniform system and process landscape
  • Completion of the restructuring through personnel measures (including reconciliation of interests and social plan)