Churn Management

By analysing trends and patterns, we were able to identify customers who were willing to switch early on and reduce the cancellation rate with special offers.

Initial situation and objectives

  • Reduction of the termination rate and early identification of endangered customer relationships


  • Comprehensive analysis of historical customer data with the aim of uncovering trends and patterns with regard to termination behaviour
  • Identification of special risk phases within the customer journey
  • Definition of churn indicators and derivation of change probabilities per customer cluster
  • Forecast of the change probabilities per single customer in a Churn Cockpit
  • Development of customer-specific retention and win-back products and development of an offer function within the Churn Cockpit
  • Integration of the quotation function of the Churn Cockpit into the CRM system of the customer.


  • Early identification of customers willing to switch, enables our customer to proactively and successfully manage their churn with special offers to avoid termination or win back customers.