Hauke Nahrstedt

International assignment in China

My name is Hauke Nahrstedt and I am Director at HPP. I joined HPP as a Junior Consultant in 2011 immediately after my studies in Münster and a semester abroad in the USA.

Since October 2015, I have been involved in the nationwide introduction of an IT platform in the after-sales area for a German car manufacturer in China. In addition to project management, I also carry out rollout and piloting content.

During my stay, I lived in a full service apartment in Beijing and worked directly in the country headquarters of the German manufacturer in Beijing. The project offered an opportunity to get to know culture and people.


  • Straight to the Chinese dealer to prepare and test required IT configurations with the project team
  • Waiting phases are used to discuss current project progress with the dealer’s after-sales manager and to exchange personal impressions


  • Weekly team meeting with the Chinese, Indian and German project colleagues
  • Last week’s results and next steps are discussed
  • In the afternoon, coordination with the project manager and handling of open topics and emails of the past week


  • Rollout cluster meeting! On short notice, a management presentation must be prepared and held
  • The preparation for the next appointment at the dealer has to be taken over by the colleagues – no problem though, they can always be relied on!


  • Creation of the project status report and update of the project plan
  • Due to the time difference, a conference call is held in the late afternoon with German colleagues at the headquarters – discussions, resolutions and open questions in German, English and Chinese


  • Field assignment in the training building. With the help of a Chinese colleague, I train the new after-sales trainers
  • After that, taxi back to the desk. The hotel has to wait a bit

The next week:

  • Next week we start our pilot at the dealer, the tension increases, the first impression counts
  • I have to split myself in two: support the colleagues at the dealer and participate in the most important meetings in the country headquarters – boredom is definitely not the case

The weekend:

  • Staying in the hotel? Not with me. A breathtaking capital with incredible sights, culinary delights and exciting challenges awaits me
  • There is still time for one or the other Skype call with family and friends at home