Restructuring area support

With the goal of the best possible potential exploitation, we have developed and implemented a concept for the restructuring of after-sales areas

Starting position and Approach

  • Due to current challenges because of separate support of the product groups and expandable potentials, a restructuring in a service area support of an international car manufacturer was necessary
  • Better exploitation of potential and homogenization of quality of care and intensity at the dealers
  • Introduction of a realizable and optimal area management, with the best possible potential exploitation


  • Inventory analysis of current AKVs, tools, KPIs, time quotas, and various area related options
  • Network analysis of Germany-wide service companies with subsequent ABC analysis according to pareto principle
  • Development of various restructuring options considering the personnel and financial feasibility
  • Detailed conception of the chosen option as well as the content of the differentiated approach
  • Implementation of the detailed concept by means of various change management measures


  • Restructuring option and appropriate detailed concept developed and approved in two submarkets
  • Change management measures for new market support, are implemented holistically and continuously