Further development of retail processes

Considering new sales initiatives and multi-channel requirements, we have further developed the retail processes of our customer with a focus on sales.

Initial situation and objectives

  • Need for further development due to increasing complexity in retail, outdated sales processes, active demand from sales markets, and integration of new channels in processes
  • Need for updated retail processes focusing on sales due to the implementation of new digital elements, sales initiatives, roles and tasks, multi-channel interfaces, and the customer’s need for a coherent and consistent sales experience


  • GAP analysis of the currently described sales processes compared to the actual and target processes
  • Description and content revision of the retail processes, as well as transfer of existing process descriptions into new process presentation methods
  • Derivation and record of the requirements for the communication and publication media of the process contents
  • Formulation of a cooperation model and the respective roll-out Approach


  • The entire retail sales process is defined along the customer journey, considering implemented sales initiatives and multi-channel requirements
  • The global retail sales process has been expanded by the business segment fleet sales
  • Development of retail management tasks according to the new process