Florian Falke

Diversified, constantly new challenges and a good mix of personal responsibility and teamwork – that’s how I wanted my first job to be!

During my studies of business administration in Bayreuth, my desire to work for a management consultancy after graduation increased heavily. Hardly any job is so exciting and offers the opportunity to get to know such a diverse range of tasks in various industries in the shortest possible time. For this reason, I used the time before my master’s degree at the Lund School of Economics and Management (Sweden) intensively to gain first experiences in consulting as part of an internship at HPP. Over the course of the internship, I worked with a small team of consultants on a sales channel analysis for an internationally operating car manufacturer and was able to take on the first tasks within the project team on my own after a short time.

During my time there, I was particularly impressed by the unique team spirit, the collegial interaction with consultants and partners as well as the opportunity to work independently within no time. Retrospectively, these aspects also strengthened my motivation to apply for a job as Junior Consultant at HPP after my studies abroad in Sweden.

The projects that I have been able to conduct at HPP since then have been very diverse and have already taken me to various industries in a very short time. Examples are a project at one of the leading German cable network operators, where I was significantly participating in the introduction of new products and processes, and an international rollout of a sales project for an internationally active car manufacturer.

Both the diversity and content of the projects as well as the corporate culture itself confirm my decision for HPP consulting on a daily basis. Being a very open and creative person, in my view, such a personal and collegial atmosphere, where company size and conformity don’t matter, is a decisive competitive advantage over other major strategy consultancies. In addition, HPP is a relatively small consultancy with growth-oriented development that offers opportunities for personal development and dedication which would not be possible at larger consultancies. This includes, for example, the mentoring program for younger colleagues in which I am currently involved or the opportunity to actively help with the intern management and recruitment process.

Both as an intern and today as a Senior Consultant, I feel repeatedly confirmed in my decision for HPP and look forward to many more challenges in exciting projects.